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AASHTO's ETAP Podcast: Bridging A Better Tomorrow with Reconnecting Community Projects

Episode Summary

This is the third episode of a four-part series that will focus on how transportation professionals may work toward building an equitable transportation system. ReConnect Rondo, a leading organization in community reconnection, recently held the Reconnecting Communities Summit, attracting 150 communities nationwide. This episode showcases interviews with summit attendees who have either secured grants, applied for them or are engaged in initiatives aiming to create a brighter future for their residents through community reconnection efforts. Listen to today's episode to hear from Heather McLauglin-Kolb with the Salt Lake City Division of Transportation, and Cayce James with the City of Seattle. Additional speakers include JT Flowers representing the Albina Vision Trust, Gretchen Chavez with the California Department of Transportation, and Lauren Hood, co-chair of Detroit’s Reparations Task Force.

Episode Notes

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