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AASHTO's ETAP Podcast: Equity in Electric Vehicle Charging

Episode Summary

Empty your pockets at the gas station each week or navigate charging anxiety? Americans are caught in a catch-22; and that’s just for folks with the income to consider purchasing an electric vehicle. As gas prices climb quicker than electric vehicle charging infrastructure expands, organizations like Forth and the Greenlining Institute are working to ensure equitable access to our growing electric vehicle charging network. In 2019, the Federal Highway Administration reported that the average American drove 14,263 miles per year- or 274 miles a week. The average electric vehicle battery can go ~250 miles between charges- which would seem to be plenty of range most of the time. But what about that occasional road trip? More importantly, what about people who can't easily charge up in their garage? Leslie Aguayo, climate equity program manager at the Greenlining Institute and Jeff Allen, the executive director at Forth, join us this month to discuss just that—equitable electric vehicle charging. More information: